Saturday in St. Louis

Day 3 in St. Louis started pretty much the same for me. I had another 8 hours of class in a room that they decided to keep at sub-zero temperatures which made me think at any time an icicle would fall from the chandelier but kept me focused on the discussion so I really have no reason to complain.

Philip & Annie ventured out to the zoo. Per Philip's report it was a pretty typical zoo but they did have a baby elephant. The OKC zoo also has a baby elephant but we didn't get to see that one until it was about 9 months old. This one had just come out of the neonate period since it was born in May (look at me using some info from class). Another stand-out was a butterfly house which was quite fun for Annie since she had zoned in on the face painting early on & become a butterfly herself. (Pic below).

After I was done with class we all headed out to the City Museum. This was something Philip was looking forward to & I was intrigued by because he'd read an article in the Wall Street Journal about it last year & had told me about it.

We got there and the place is something to say the least. It basically is an office building that has been turned into a huge indoor playground for kids and adults. They have different areas & as their slogan says they "are always building." The place consists of large architectural pieces, industrial building supplies, old vehicles, random parts of statues & sculptures, & all sorts of memorabilia. It's all put together into a huge playground with different areas. Check out the website for reference.

It was quite an experience! There was lots of crawling, climbing, & sliding by both Annie & Philip & a little of it done by me. We went to all the various floors and checked out the different areas & the uniqueness & craziness of it all made it great fun. To end the evening we saw a magic show that was made even better by Annie laughing & clapping louder & longer than anyone. We had a great evening & Annie slept well that night. :)

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