So long St. Louis

Day 4 in St. Louis was our last. Due to the late evening at the City Museum & resulting near midnight bedtime Annie & Philip stayed at the hotel while I finished my last 4 hours of class. They had a fancy breakfast at the hotel & hunted down everything Annie had unpacked in the room as I tried to write down every last note & tip they gave to help with preparing for certification.

We then road tripped it back to OK. It was a really nice trip - Missouri really has beautiful scenery. As has become tradition for some random reason on our trips we stopped at a Cracker Barrel & ate lunch along the way home.

Everything went very well until we were about 30 minutes from home & Annie announced she had to potty. If you have traveled from Stillwater to Tulsa you know this location has no rest stops or gas stations anywhere near by. This led to Annie's first outdoor urination experience & hopefully one of the last. I am happy to report neither of us ended up wet even though I had to cradle hold her while she went because squatting just didn't work for her. After she was done she announced to her father that she had "tee-teed in the weeds & that was so gross!" I was just grateful we had hand sanitizer in tow. Oddly enough after we got back on the main highway (Philip was kind enough to
pull down a side road) we passed a random port-a-potty. I still think the great outdoors was more sanitary than that option.

We made it home soon after that having had a wonderful extra long weekend.

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