St. Louis take 2

Yeah so the daily thing proved to be too much for me after 8 1/2 hour of test review so here's what happened on day 2. As a side note I am blogging from my phone & do not know how to add in pictures in with text (or if that's even possible with the Blogger app) so they are all included at the end which makes the posting not as attractive or interesting but at least gets the memory down.

The big part of my day is summed up in the first picture. Major plus was they did serve good coffee (I had to have decaf but it was still yummy) & the class was uber helpful so even though I missed out on some fun with my loves I got a lot out of it.

Philip & Annie spent the time I was in class at the Magic House. This is was from their report and the pictures they took a fantastic place. It was a children's museum that had fairytale areas, imagination places, and all other sorts of great things for kids to do. Annie love love loved it. She got to work in the Oval Office, perform on stage, have a tea party with Raggedy Anne, ride in Cinderella'a carriage, spy on a mouse, & cook vegetables from a garden in a playhouse, along with many other fun activities. Philip got to enjoy watching her have so much fun.

That evening we went down to an older part of St. Louis on the river front that had cobblestone streets. We ate dinner here and wandered around the area. They had a neat wax museum that we didn't tour but lucky for us in the front window they had some Avengers and Annie to see her favorite the Hulk which in Annie-speak is "the Hunk." (L-K is a difficult letter combination for a 3 year-old tongue apparently.)

After this we took a carriage ride. Now before we had Annie, Philip nor I would've been caught dead on a cheesey carriage ride but Annie had pointed them out the day before & all through dinner kept seeing them & asking to ride on one so we swallowed our pride & went. It was great & money well spent. Saying she loved it is an understatement. She kept pointing things out the whole ride (including one moment where she pointed at a large man without a shirt on & said "that's funny" & he was only about 2 feet from our open carriage) & waving & smiling at everyone we passed. "We're just like Sophia the First." Which clearly indicated she felt like a princess & how much she liked it since that show is one of her favorites.

After that we went swimming in the hotel pool which did not, contrary to the Mayo Clinic's website, help with ankle swelling that occurs with pregnancy that I have become a victim of. Annie had fun though & slept well so day 2 was successful & good for us all.

Enjoy a recap in pics by Philip who is quite the iPhone photographer!

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