And now it is 2015...

It's a new year and this is a wrap up of how we brought it in...don't get all excited thinking you'll be seeing a lot of great pictures because as the new year came in it was cloudy, cold, and I was still coming out of sugar coma from all the yummy goodness I consumed during Christmas.  This is what I wanted to be doing for about 14 hours on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day:

However, there was fun to be had and lots of loud small children around so I did not (and for the record neither did Denver - this was a temporary moment of weakness for him).  All this goes to say, I forgot to take a bunch of pictures as we entered 2015 so most of these memories will be written and for that the author apologizes.

Due to some unfortunate events (i.e. being an adult with a job and responsibilities) Philip had to do an inventory in Chickasha early on New Year's Eve morning.  We found a way to work this to our advantage though and decided the kids and I would go with him and we'd go on out to Sayre to ring in the new year with the W's and Nana and Papa.  Thus, as soon as I got off work on Tuesday afternoon we packed our stuff and headed down to Yukon and spent a quick sleep with the grandparents.  This also served the purpose of shortening the morning drive and mainly prevented me from having to get up at 4:30 AM to get us packed and ready.

Anyway, bright and early on a cold December 31st we loaded the pajama-clad kids into the car and headed on to Chickasha, dropped Philip off, and Annie, Denver and I went looking for a place to mill about.  Walmart to the rescue - so after changing the kids into their clothes in the car in the parking lot - clearly we were closing this year out on a high note, we went in to stock up on New Year's Eve supplies.  This is where Annie found a conservative black sequined fedora that had an added bonus of blinking lights (which are still flashing as I type this two weeks later). I'm sure by now you can see the theme of New Year's Eve for the Norwood 4 could clearly be summed up as - CLASSY.

We killed a little more time by stopping by MacDonald's (keeping up the theme for the day...) and then headed back to the plant where Philip was doing his inventory.  Here we proceeded to spend an hour in the car coming up with all sorts of random games, singing annoying songs, letting Denver fake drive (and subsequently accidentally honking the horn more than once - nothing says professional like having your family in the car waiting in the parking lot but c'mon it's a holiday people and it was a huge plant so maybe we went unnoticed, or maybe not since there were about 4 cars in the parking lot, oh well). It was not bad though and Philip finished up as quick as he could and we headed west.

We started celebrating the arrival of 2015 early because that's what you do with young kids who see you have some sparklers, confetti, and various goofy headgear - making them wait to break that stuff out is just too much to ask.  They did make it to dark though.

But the outdoor celebrating was very short-lived because as mentioned before - COLD.  So there was toasting with some Frozen punch and blowing noise-makers (that mysteriously disappeared into the bottom of the trashcan)...

marshmallow roasting, time by the fire, and a relatively early bedtime.

New Year's Day was spent pretty much indoors with various made up treasure/scavenger hunts (does having to find a square of toilet paper count as a treasure?), random craft making, movie watching, and basically coming up with and doing any game or activity that could be contained indoors. 

Thank heavens Papa was gifted a new puppy for Christmas as this occupied some of the time...

Duty called though and Dad still had to do his chores because livestock take no initiative to feed themselves or bust their own ice so on his second round Denver decided to take his trusty spoon along and help out.

As you can tell he took more of a supervisory role.

The next day we headed home and then on Monday we returned to the routine of work, school, and extra-curricular activities.  That week can be summed up in one word for me - EXHAUSTION.  While my Type A personality loves routine, getting back in the swing of things was about more than I could handle.

The weekend finally came though and we went and celebrated Brynn's 3rd birthday in Woodward.

Where the kids took Brynn's new car out for a spin

And Denver reminded the dogs why they enjoyed being outside so much when he came to visit (for accuracy's sake I'm pretty sure this picture was taken the week before Christmas but the fact remains that every time he's around dogs he loves on them with every inch of his being which does not bode well for my carpet options in the future...)

Now we are half-way through the first month of the year 2015 and anticipate nothing but good times ahead.

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