A full week

Well here we are nearly to the end of January.  January is one of those months that all the days just kinda blend together by the time it's all said and done.

So for memory's sake here's what a January week looks like for the Norwood 4 at this point in our lives.

Our weekdays consist of all of us getting up, ready, and out of the house between 7:30-7:40.  That means it's still pretty dark out this time of year.

The kids handle it pretty well though.

Our days are filled up with various activities.  Philip is in busy season so he works long hours.  On Mondays we all have a long day because I do the walk-in clinic and get off later.  Annie goes to school and afterward to our friend's house where Denver spends his weekdays.

As a side note just let me say what a special blessing our babysitter is.  We are so lucky to have a loving home that they enjoy going to, they have kiddos their age to play with, and  are loved on and cared for while we work.  It also has the additional perk of being close to my job so I go most days of the week and spend my lunch hour with Denver. 

Sometimes though, when I get there I just find this guy...

I'm not saying Denver is Batman, but I've never seen the two of them in the same room.

On Tuesdays Annie has ballet after I get off work. First position!

On Wednesdays we have Bible class in the evening and since it gets out at eight Denver goes in his pjs making quite the fashion statement.

Thursdays this semester Annie has taken up gymnastics and goes there right after school with her friend Taylor which is nice because by the time her class is done I pick her up and we have a free evening. (It is gymnastics, not wrestling as this picture would portray...)

Then Fridays are my half days so after school generally we go with our friends to the park or library or somewhere for a little while.  Denver has become quite a fan of the library.

Philip gets off early on Fridays and when he gets home we all feel as if the weekend has arrived.

This past weekend was unique because Friday night Denver got sick and after I checked his ears and found an ear infection we ended up getting up and ready on Saturday morning so we could be at the walk-in clinic when it opened to get him some antibiotic.  We then ran a few errands which is typical and that afternoon Annie and I went for manicures and pedicures while the boys stayed home and did guy stuff.

I have not had a manicure in nearly eight years.  When I told this to the manicurist she said "I know, it is not good."  She then proceeded to speak in a foreign language to the people around her and point to me. The pointing and speaking in a foreign language is nothing new to my (or probably anyone's) nail salon experience, more than once I have been asked how I keep my legs so white and then lots of discussion goes on amongst the manicurists.  This has brought me to the realization that living in an Asian country as a teenager would have made my blindingly white legs more bearable. Regardless, the manicure turned out nice though and since she shellac-ed it maybe I'll be good for another eight years. :)

That evening the hospital had an appreciation event for medical staff so Philip and I participated in a fun evening in Tuscany, while the kids stayed home played with friends.

Sunday was the norm for us pretty much any time of year as we went to church, enjoyed an afternoon together, went to life group that night and then cuddled up on the couch that evening to close out the weekend.

The days pass quickly and weeks go by in the blink of an eye and I will not lie, they are exhausting and frustrating at times. There is prompting the kids to wake-up, get clothes on, eat, loading them in and out of the car, having them pick up toys, making meals, changing diapers, reminding them to play nicely, leave the water in the bathtub, get to sleep, moving the kids back to their beds, and various other "Mom chores" but these are short flashes in the pan throughout the week when I look back.

There are so many more beautiful moments such as Annie animatedly telling us about what happened throughout her day, her sweetly reading to her brother or playing with him; Denver making funny expressions, or saying or doing something new that we all have to fawn over because it's just so cute.

We have quiet moments curled up in the bed reading before sleep, discussion over breakfast of important matters such as which Disney princess sings the best, hide and seek and running through the house chasing Dad, performances of what was learned in ballet and gymnastics, Denver crawling on the bed to wake his sister up in the morning and her smiling when she realizes it's him, singing and whistling are a constant soundtrack in our house by one or all family members, poignant prayers from a sincere little heart, and many other lovely little bits that I could go on and on about that make all the fatigue and frustration completely worth it.  

These priceless times are what make my heart and our week full.

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