More cowbell please

So last week was one of those weeks.  Annie ended up fighting strep and flu at the same time and Denver ended up with bilateral ear infections. 
Unfortunately more cowbell would not treat either child's fever effectively #bestSNLskitever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfD9fWt8hrQ .

Thus both kids ended up on antibiotic and antiviral.  From my observation and experience liquid Tamiflu must taste something like the way sulfur smells because giving it to Denver eventually ended up being similar to waterboarding - but it was all for the greater good and he survived.

Additionally after missing two days of school at the front of the week Annie returned on Thursday and about 10 AM I received a call from the school office and this pic to follow:
Sweet girl fell and hit her head on a chair while dancing to some song and ended up with a bruised eye - but she made it through a full day of school (yes, after a week of off and on fever this was an accomplishment). 

That evening when I went to pick her up from the babysitter she met me with "Mom, I think I have some eczema" and lifted up her shirt to show me a couple of splotchy places on her stomach.  It was dim in the room though and I was in a hurry so I didn't really pay much attention to it. #momfail  Fast forward to four o'clock in the morning - no this is not the time I regularly wake up - but I hear Annie kicking and rolling around and when I check on her she is now puffy has a rash EVERYWHERE.  Arms, ears, face, feet, hands - all over and it's firey red and swollen.  Unfortunately, it was not the eczema but was in fact Roseola.  Needless to say, she got an early start to her weekend and spent Friday at home in her pjs.  
She's a trooper though and after some rest she undertook the task of putting together her gingerbread house.
Pesky brother...
Friday evening she was feeling better and by the time the rash breaks out with Roseola you are no longer contagious anyway so she went to a friend's birthday party where she got to enjoy storytime with Mrs. Claus and decorate a cupcake. 

Denver closed out the week in this manner...
Saturday morning Annie awoke and while she felt much better her rash was lingering
but the above picture just goes to show what a pleasant little patient she is.  As the day went on she improved by leaps and bounds and because her dad is apparently in the know he had found out Elsa and Anna would be in town so we went and hunted them down.
As you can tell, she was impressed and the celebrity encounter may have been just what the doctor ordered.  We also got to enjoy a carriage ride downtown that afternoon (there are no pictures of that as Denver was unsure of a motorized carriage with a horse attached to it, rightly so, and I was busy convincing him the whole time that the ride was enjoyable).

That evening we did some Christmas baking for teachers and friends. 

Annie clearly knows how to weld a rolling pin.
Denver clearly knows that butter, sugar, and cinnamon bits are a good combo...
Sunday after church Annie went to her good friend Sadie's Princess Spa party where she got a full beauty treatment (you don't know beauty until you have 4-5 year-olds picking out their own color pallets)
and then we rounded out or weekend with It's a Wonderful Life on TV while two jolly little kids ran around fully recovered from their week of illness.
Good news is fingers-crossed we've been exposed and treated for everything and will be healthy and happy as Christmas rolls our way in the coming week.

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