Christmas magic

I think the song is right - it is the most wonderful time of the year.  I love all the seasons and the holidays and happenings that occur during them but Christmas brings a certain kind of magic and general feeling of joy and glad tidings.

The weekend before Christmas we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and kicked the fun into high gear.  We started out by Annie and I ice skating while Philip and Denver wandered around the Myriad Gardens and checked all the festive decorations.

Annie enjoyed herself & even did a few rounds away from the wall holding my hand.  

After our skate we hit up Katiebug's which is a food truck in the OKC area that serves all-natural hot chocolate & homemade marshmallows.  This was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time but living in Stillwater we are way out of their area so this was a real treat.

We were able to get our hot chocolate fix and pack along some marshmallows before we left downtown OKC and headed to catch our scheduled ride on the Christmas train.

This was all kinds of fun as they read The Polar Express, sang Christmas carols, and Santa and Mrs. Claus came through our car.

Afterwards we headed to my in-laws where we chatted for awhile, taste-tested ;) Christmas cookies, and admired their fancy tree that I think had lights in sync with music that and it was programmed off of their smartphones.  (What will they think of next?!).

We ended our day by driving through the beautiful Christmas light display at the Yukon park and eating some Italian food. 

It was one of those perfect days that you want to hold tight to every moment and store every precious memory away in your heart because as you experience it you know it will be a time you will look back on with great fondness in the future, and that in the end is some of the real magic of the season.

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