Privacy please

I guess it's an unspoken rule that when you become a parent personal space and privacy are no longer privileges you'll enjoy for a few years to come.

I posted this picture on Instagram a couple of months ago because I thought it was funny.  Seriously, this is what happens when I close the bathroom door to shower if Denver is awake and I don't put him in the bathroom with me (pardon the scratches on the door, at some point there was a puppy put in the bathroom for a short period of time who did not like being closed in).

To capture the full magic of this scene you have to know that it is accompanied by a soundtrack of loud crying and a sister saying "Denver, Mom needs some privacy!" just before she barges through the door and pulls back the shower curtain (to my shock and surprise EVERY time, you'd think my central nervous system would be prepared for what is coming after three or four months of this) to tell me Denver is crying.

Additionally though this is what happens when I'm drying my hair in the mornings or any time I am sitting...(if Denver sees a lap, he's capitalizing on it)

And this when I am cooking, cleaning, walking, or doing anything in general that consists of standing...

(Let's just ignore the fact that I'm the kind of parent that takes pictures like this when their kid is clearly in dire straights just wanting to be held or near them...I can report though that after each of these I did pick him up because, well, how can you not with that sweet little face?)

I am not going to lie, it is so very exasperating at times to not have any privacy and just get a couple of minutes to myself to practice good hygiene, get dressed, or take a step without tripping or having to pick someone up.  On the flip side though it is also nice to know that there are two little people who like me so much that wherever I am and whatever I'm doing they feel the need to be there too. 

I am confident that in the future I will long for these days when I did not have to ask for hugs, kisses, cuddles, and probably I'll even miss being a human jungle gym.  

That being said I'm pretty sure I'll easily adjust to not having a light heart attack every time I bathe.

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