Back to school

It's here - the first day of school.  Annie started today at Sangre Ridge Elementary, a school that has 200 more kids in it than my entire school district ever had. Needless to say it was hard to decipher who was more nervous - her or I.

Anxiety faded last night though when we met her teacher and saw her classroom.  I was reassured after getting in the school that in all actuality it was not the size of an aircraft carrier with a complex grid and city within itself that my child would just become a faceless, factionless number in (yes, these are the weird, unrealistic things that formulate in my mind but I'm going to put part of the blame on the fact that I just finished the book Divergent).  Annie on the other hand, had more realistic fears, which thankfully were quickly relieved when she saw there were still centers and toys for her to learn from (it is pre-K after all).  

We also realized that she already knew four of the kids in class so her declaration the day before of "I'm going to cry" turned into "go ahead and go Mom" this morning at drop off. 

So I did, all the while hoping I'll be able to remember the intricate details of student pick-up this afternoon which appear to be similar to airport procedures complete with the name card for your passenger.

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