It's been a year

Well, I've made it a year somewhat consistently (a term used very loosely in this case) documenting the lives of what is now the Norwood 4.  While I thought it would be neat to post a bunch of random pictures of the last year I only have a very short window of nap time on weekends & week nights there really isn't any extra time (thank you busy season) so that's just not going to happen.  Plus, do I really need that? I just did a year-end recap & that's what the archives are for.  Like the popular song from Frozen says "LET IT GO!!!!"

Anyway, here is a precious pic & one of the moments that warmed my heart this week.  I don't ever want to forget how helpful & sweet Annie is at her mere 4 years of age with her infant brother.  She's always comforting him when he needs it (& sometimes when he doesn't) & I caught this the other morning while at a stoplight.  He had been fussing, but she took care of that.  

(Yes the mirror is all fingerprinted up but that's because a 4 year-old is usually trying to adjust it for her mom while we are undoubtly driving down one of the smooth as silk roads (insert sarcastic tone) near our home...)

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