3 months

Yesterday we got Denver's 3 month pictures taken which made me think back to Annie's 3 month pictures.  Here's a comparison.

It makes me laugh - poor baby's look like deer in the headlights because of the flash. And yes, I'm pretty sure in years to come Annie at least will complain about the hat she has on (it was a photographer's prop and to be honest Philip and I thought it was silly at the time and our thoughts haven't changed; but in our defense she was so little and sweet we couldn't stop laughing at her expression.  We just acknowledged that the photographer's creative eye was sharper than our own...).

Their little raised eyebrows are just too cute. These little faces are captured for life and are ones they both exhibited frequently at that age.  Denver is generally chatty and has his mouth half open while Annie always had a little incredulous look on her face as a baby (it was as if she knew we were newbies and winging it as parents).  :)

I love these kiddos.

Photo credit: Sara's Photo Creations

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