Easter 2017

Easter fun started early for Denver due to the fact that he's basically living the dream. This is simply because he goes to school for 3 hours twice a week, who wouldn't want that cake schedule?  Anyhow, since this was the case they celebrated the Thursday before with a chapel service & an egg hunt.
Philip went out & watched the hunt & said Denver was quite the little hunter when it came to finding brightly colored eggs stuffed with candy.
As you can see below his best buddy Mosi obviously also found Easter activities to be a good time.
As a family we started Easter weekend by heading out to Sayre for some of the hometown alumni festivities. We enjoyed the parade & running into some familiar faces.
Afterwards we went back to the 3G Ranch to dye eggs. Lucky for us Papa & Nana have hens who are good layers so we had plenty of eggs.
The kids hid & hunted the eggs until they were cracked & falling apart, they then enjoyed hurling them into the field & watching the colorful shells break apart.
We ate a yummy Easter supper together & then the kiddos left their baskets out for the Easter bunny to hop in & fill them overnight.
Sadly that lame picture is the only still pic I got from Easter morning. I did video some of the kids going through their baskets before Lily woke up. I put those on my YouTube channel so if YouTube is still a thing when my kids are going back through these blog posts of your mother's fond memories of raising you guys then go there now & watch Denver's excited exclamation of every discovery in his basket. 
(Random pic of kids with Easter Bunny at the Home & Garden Show a couple of weeks before).

Sadly I did not get a picture of everyone in their Easter finery but rest assured everyone looked so cute & sweet.
We left Sayre & stopped in Yukon for Easter church services & then headed out to Blanchard where we enjoyed a fun egg hunt & fantastic meal with the Kouba side of the family. Having a baby limits the ability to get pictures so once again I missed out there but a good time was had by all.
Our final Easter agenda item was the neighborhood egg hunt.
We really are blessed to live in a great neighborhood that is a small community within itself full of sweet neighbors & great families to spend time with.
It was a nice few days that resulted in plenty of fun & moments with those we enjoy the most.

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