Ballet year 3

At the end of May Annie completed her third year of ballet.

She really works hard throughout the year and I am always so proud of her because it really takes commitment to go weekly and practice, practice, practice.

It pays off though and Philip and I are always impressed with how well she performs.

This year she admitted she had some stage fright 

but you could never tell from how well she does - she always runs right out to her spot, completes the routine without having to look for cues from her instructors in the wings of the stage, and smiles at the audience throughout the performance.

With each year she has improved 

and despite all the effort it takes mid-winter to stay motivated and go to classes late in the evening, the work is well worth the grace, coordination, and confidence she gains.

Bravo sweet girl, you never cease to amaze me with your talent in all things you do.

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