Year One

One year ago we welcomed Denver into our family. 


He took his time deciding to get here but when he made up his mind to arrive he did it quickly -

which should've let us know how every other milestone in his life to this point would be - when he's ready - he's all in.

He started sitting on his own around 4-5 months, 

crawling at 6 months, 

 walking at 9 months, 


 and climbing on everything shortly thereafter.

A little we've learned about him - he's a thinker...

when he's curious about something,

  he is not easily distracted,

until he feels adequately informed about it.

 He's a little ornery,


as evidenced by his sly smile that he uses to his advantage many times a day


and is something we have all fallen victim to.

  He is also pretty sweet

with a charming personality we learn more about every day.


He is always, always busy...


checking something out, 


going somewhere,


or finding out how things work. 


He is either operating full-throttle

or he's asleep...


He's brought us lots of smiles and laughter


along with some exhaustion...


but is the perfect delightful addition to our family that we never knew we were lacking but now can't imagine being without.


Happy 1st Birthday Denver....


year one has been a precious blessing and we look forward to many more! 


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