Game Day

So this weekend was Denver's inaugural football game. 

As you can tell he could barely contain his enthusiasm...or maybe that was me.

Anyway, as a general rule the temperature for the first home game is usually similar to that of the surface of the sun, but we got lucky this year and a nice cool front came through that morning.

With the cool front came rain so when we got to our parking spot we waited in the car for a few minutes until it slowed and then started our trek to the campus.

No fair weather fans here.


But really that statement is not true at all when it comes to the kids and I.  A little warm rain doesn't hold us back, however, frigid temperatures and snow will. Philip, on the other hand, follows the postman's creed of weather not being a factor to show his dedication and support of his Cowboys.

We were well-prepared though with rain boots, ponchos, and caps which is why the rain stopped about 30 minutes before kick-off and did not return.  Had we not been prepared more than likely it would've been a monsoon the whole game through - you're welcome to the other thousands of fans that were there.

Annie got situated and had her favorite game day treat - cotton candy.

Denver chose instead to snack on Philip's hoodie ties.

Like the majority of firsts Denver has experienced he smiled through it all and just seemed happy to be where all the action was.

But at 10 months old there's only so much action one can withstand (for Denver it was about 30 minutes) so he spent the first half through the halftime show doing this:

I will never ceased to be amazed by the sleeping habits of my children.  At home I can move a feather throw pillow on the couch and they wake up.  When we are out and about a cannon and guns (literally a cannon goes off every time the home team kicks off or scores and then Pistol Pete shoots his shotgun periodically throughout the game) are blowing up right beside them and they sleep through it.

By the end of the third quarter the win was pretty much secured so we felt our work was done and headed out (translation - 3 hours is a lot of time for two small children to be sitting in one place regardless of whether or not one of them napped through most of it, and the line for Hideaway Pizza starts forming in the fourth quarter).

Go Pokes!

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