Spring has sprung...finally

So the winter that won't quit seems to be receding which is good because this week was spring break for Annie.  That was reason enough for me to take a couple of days off & hang with my kidlets.

We started it off with a chilly rainy Saturday so we spent the majority of the day at home.  We got out for dinner & to run a few errands that evening though & Annie & I were lucky enough to be accompanied by not one but two heroes.

Then Sunday we went to church & napped.  Let me take a minute to clarify - we went to church & afterward napped. ;)

When we woke up we decided to go see the Thunder play the Mavericks that evening. 

We had a good time.  Denver watched & napped some while Annie cheered her heart out putting her own spin on some of the cheers such as chanting O-S-U instead of O-K-C.  


Sadly our cheering did not help because Dallas soundly beat them.

On Monday we ate lunch at Annie's favorite place Chick-fil-a and found what Annie declared was "the last toy I will ever want." (Whew! Santa can rest easy now.) So she spent her Christmas money & proceeded to work on her play-doh skills for the rest of the day.

While Denver tried to figure out how a walker works & met Cookie Monster.

Day 2 of spring break consisted of a car picnic because we live in the state where the wind comes sweeping down the plain. Followed by fun at the park.



I went back to work on Wednesday & Nana came to stay & babysit which is a treat for all of us.

Now we are at the end of the break and there are signs of spring popping up everywhere.  This means the end of the school year and more relaxed pace of summer is in sight.  Yay!

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