The summer of us

Gag, as much as I hate to say it summer break is winding down for the Norwood 3.  We've had a really great one and I hate to see it go and think of how quickly it passed.

It started fairly early for me as I completed my job as a clinical nurse educator and moved into full-time school mode with clinicals all summer but I finished school and went back to work about three weeks ago in the office I will start my practice in.

Philip graduated with his Master's, completed his CPA exams, and is beginning his career at Ernst and Young this coming week.

Annie closed the curtain on her first year of ballet and goes back to pre-school the week after next so we might as well call a spade a spade and acknowledge that the life of schedules, activities, college football, and fall craziness are soon to be upon us.

Last day of school
End of year art show

Annie's exhibited artwork "Captain Flowers" (she titled it herself)

Final ballet class before recital...

This summer has been full of fun for us, road trips to various places in Texas, Colorado, and Missouri...

There were many birthday parties for cousins and friends...

Maylee and Justin




There were tea parties...

high tea with Brynn
Country Dove after mani and pedi session with Willow

Crafting and playdates...

Being silly with Sadie

And the classic activities one always associates with summer...

Summer always goes too quickly but then so do all the other seasons when you look back on them.

The passing of this summer is poignant this year because it ends our summers as a family of three.  We've all had extra free time together and it's made it extra-special.  While there are awesome things ahead it's hard to let go sometimes of the good times we are having now.  

Being present in the moment is important and I'm glad that we've been blessed with the joy we've had these last couple of months and look forward to the upcoming adventures that will soon arrive.

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