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I am thankful to say that I just turned in my last assignment for this semester.  Now it's on to the next 10 weeks of practicum and wrapping up my second foray into graduate studies. 

This last couple of months have been exhausting.  School revved up with clinicals, tests, and on-campus patient visits, Philip has been studying for and taking his CPA exams, and then of course there is always the fun events and extracurricular activities Annie is involved in. In addition to that we have the following joyful news to share ... 

That's right, we will be blessed with a new baby in October.  The fun that comes along with that (and the hormones) have made the last few months a tad more difficult with fatigue and nausea but those are waning now and we continue to prayerfully anticipate our new arrival. 

Annie has really been excited and daily asks if she will have a baby sister or brother. It is a lot of fun to hear the questions she asks (& formulate answers that are age appropriate because I personally do not think a 3 year-old needs to know the specifics beyond "the doctor will figure out a way" to the question "how is the baby going to get out - you don't have any pockets to take it from...") and to hear the plans she has for when the baby gets here ("it will sleep in my room with me so I won't be scared").

It's a good time for us all amid the stress of exams and school and we look forward to the sweet addition that will join us in the fall.

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