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Today I dropped Annie off at school and as soon as we got there she got excited. Annie loves her school and most mornings she grabs her little lunch box & stands by the door ready to leave the house 15 minutes early. This morning was no different - we could barely get her hands washed after we got to her class before she was trying to crawl off the step stool & start playing. Today was funny because when I sat her down the two little boys in her class ran over to her, she laughed, & then they started chasing her on their unsteady toddler legs - the whole group of them giggling like crazy.

I was insanely jealous of three things:
1. Their schedule: play, snack, group reading, singing, play, lunch, nap, play
2. Their energy - I did not get my morning coffee & I was feeling it.
3. The joy they were getting out of just seeing each other. These three had all seen each other the day before but they were SOOOOOO excited to be back together for another day.

Youth while not wasted on the young is appreciated by those who are older.

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